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Our Products

With our huge investment and vast amount of testing, we carefully analysed almost every major branded hair product picking out the good, the great and even the bad, then along with our amazing Chemist (also known as ‘The Crazy Professor’), we took our research to a new level which allowed us to create our own unique formulations using the finest ingredients to develop and produce a collection of exceptional, effective luxury hair products.

We produce styling, shaping, finishing, shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments along with an amazing range of Male Grooming products. We also manufacture an exclusive product collection for use with the Brazilian Blow Dry and Hair Extensions. Our luxurious formulations are rich in quality with no compromises, developed with natural ingredients to bring out the full potential of your Clients hair.

Once you have trialled our sample pack it will be clear to see why our ‘Crazy Professor’ is a genius in producing incredible hair products which has led him to be recognised as the UK’s number one Cosmetic Chemist.


Colour Enhancing Toning Shampoo - exclusively available at High Energy

Our luxurious colour enhancing shampoo’s and conditioner have been designed to refresh, increase vibrancy, tone and restore the natural colour of the hair – a fantastic accompaniment to all hair salon colour services.

Chocolate Truffle – for colour treated and natural brunette hair

Cherry Liqueur – for all shades of copper and red hair

Violet Cream – for natural blondes, bleached or highlighted hair

Vanilla Ice Conditioning Cream - has been specifically created to work in conjunction with the Chocoholic range of colour enhancing shampoo’s to leave the hair feeling fresh, soft and silky

Shampoos, Conditioners and Treatments

Protein Rich shampoo 250ml – for dry, damaged, coloured and chemically treated hair whilst helping to reduce colour fade.
(Recommended for use with Brazilian Blow Dry services)

Citrus Cleanser shampoo 250ml –the ultimate for gently but thoroughly reducing oil produced by the over active sebum glands – fantastic for the removal of hair product build up.
(Recommended for use with Hair Extensions)

Perfect Balance shampoo 250ml –this incredible shampoo produced from coconut and palm kernel oil is so mild it can be used every day.

Pure White Ice Conditioning Cream 250ml - this concentrated peppermint super strength conditioner softens the hair, making it smooth, silky and easy to comb through. Suitable for all hair types.
(Recommended for use with Hair Extensions and Brazilian Blow Dry services)

Nut Nut Oil Hair Treatment 100ml - a break-through in maintaining and repairing dry, damaged, brittle, unmanageable hair. Contains silk proteins which moisturises, nourishes and revitalises the hair to a beautiful healthy condition.

Head Butter Rescue Pak 100ml -injects wheat proteins, vitamin b5 and vital moisturising protein into the hair structure helping to rebuild, strengthen and restore hair condition back to life.

Protecting and Glossing

Moisture Mist 125ml – excellent for dry, bleached or coloured hair, helps comb dry, brittle, tangled hair. Contains UVA sunscreen – the perfect holiday accompaniment.
(Recommended for use with Hair Extensions and Brazilian Blow Dry services)

Glitzee 125ml – this super effective hair gloss creates a superb shine providing an amazing mirror finish. Spray on before using ceramic irons for an incredible laminate effect.
(Recommended for use with Hair Extensions and Brazilian Blow Dry services)

De Frizz Oil 50ml – - the best serum there is. Designed for dry, thick, frizzy, damaged hair with a highly concentrated 95% silicone content – transforms hair to a silky feel.
(Recommended for use with Hair Extensions)

Styling and Finishing Products

Styling Whip 150ml– formulated to condition, add volume and body for all hair types whilst leaving the hair feeling fresh and silky.

Spritzer 250ml – this incredibly versatile styling lotion is great to use for blow-drying and boosting hair for maximum volume. Contains a super anti-static ingredient for smoothing fly-away hair.

Ruff 'n' Ready Clay 100ml – formulated with natural bees wax creating a matt effect that is perfect for high fashion, street wise styling.

Texture Balm 100ml – this unique product provides soft, gentle, natural body and volume when used to blow dry. Excellent as a dressing, sculpting or finishing cream.

Liquid Ice 250ml – a brilliant finishing product for holding, moulding and separating hair, also great for next day – morning after hair maintenance.

Final Fix 250ml – a medium hold hair spray that is long lasting and easy to brush out.

Personalised Scissors

click here to take a look at our laser engraved, personalised hairdressing scissors.

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